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For information on the 1962 Oldsmobiles, click one of the following links:

  • The Stunning Starfire
  • The Magnificent Ninety-Eight
  • The Superb Super 88
  • The Dazzling Dynamic 88
  • The Sensational Jetfire
  • The Fashionable F-85 and F-85 Deluxe
  • Cotner/Bevington Professional Vehicles
  • Options and Accessories
  • Colors
  • Serial Number Decoder
  • Fisher Body Data Plate Decoder
  • Rocket Engine Decoder
  • Rockette Engine Decoder
  • 4-S Hydra-Matic
  • 1962 Oldsmobile Window Sticker
  • 1962 Oldsmobile Owner Protection Plan
  • 1962 Atlanta Factory Build Sheet
  • Rocket Circle 1962 Oldsmobile Owners Gallery
  • The Kennedy Starfire - Yes, those Kennedys
  • Spot the '62s - some of them are obvious, some are a little more difficult
  • Click on one of the following links for Oldsmobile clubs, Oldsmobile parts and information on Oldsmobiles in general, both new and old:

    The Oldsmobile Club of America

    Blue/Gray Chapter of O.C.A.

    The National Antique Oldsmobile Club

    Oldsmobile Club of America Discussion Forums

    Classic Oldsmobile Discussion Forums

    Fusick Automotive Products

    USA Parts Supply

    Rocket Science - specializing in used 1962, 1963 and 1964 Oldsmobile parts

    David Edwards Automatic Transmission Parts

    Bendtsen's - convert your Slim Jim to a modern Turbo-HydraMatic

    Tanson Enterprises - convert your Slim Jim to a modern Turbo-HydraMatic

    John Oldenburg Guide-Matic Repair


    Oldsmobile Division

    R. E. Olds Transportation Museum

    Ted Loranz's Oldsmobile Page - includes a Starfire commercial - click on the 2nd red convertible

    Robert Ritter's '62 Starfire Page - includes '62 Starfire slot cars

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