Out ahead in style... out front in action!

This is the car that has action all wrapped up... in style!
Rakish new roof lines... distinctively sculptured grille...
new rear deck -- the Super 88 for '62 is an Oldsmobile
to be proud of. Beneath the new hood there's new
hustle in a Skyrocket Engine that knows what's what
when it comes to action. Here's a smooth, surging
330 H.P. to meet the demands of modern driving.
And softer Vibra-Tuned Ride mountings and new
shock absorber valves mean many miles of motoring
comfort. From every standpoint, the stylish new
Oldsmobile Super 88 is a standout.

Super 88
Standard Features:

Skyrocket Engine with Multi-Jet Carburetor
Two-Stage Gas-Saving Automatic Choke
Dual-Range Power Heater and Defroster
Front Compartment Courtesy Lamps
Parking Brake Signal Lamp
Safety-Padded Instrument Panel with extended cover
Full Floor Carpeting
Safety-Spectrum Speedometer
Custom-Lounge Seats
Factory-Sealed Chassis Lubrication
Two-Speed Electric Windshield Wipers
Custom Luxury Trim
De Luxe Safety-Vee Steering Wheel
Wheel Trim Rings
Chrome Door Window Frames
Air-Scoop Brakes
Deep-Well Trunk
Vibra-Tuned Ride -- 94 rubber insulation points
Guard-Beam Frame
Twin-Triangle Stability
Bright Aluminum Front Seat Side Panels
Hood Insulation
Aluminized Muffler
Oil Filter
Heavy-Duty Air Cleaner

Super 88 Holiday models
Standard features:

all Super 88 standard features, plus:
Sponge Vinyl Headlining

Engine Specifications:

Type -- Ultra-High-Compression V-8
Horsepower -- 330 @ 4600 R.P.M.
Torque -- 440 lb.-ft. @ 2800 R.P.M.
Displacement -- 394 cubic inches
Bore -- 4 1/8"
Stroke -- 3 11/16"
Compression Ratio -- 10.25 to 1
Fuel -- Premium
Carburetion -- Multi-Jet 4-Barrel
Valve Lifters - Hydraulic

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