When the original owner of a 1962 Oldsmobile took delivery of their new car, they were given a small booklet called the Owner Protection Plan. This booklet described the new car warranty, tire warranty and battery warranty, as well as recommended services at prescribed intervals. It also included warranty vouchers, customer and dealer delivery information and the ever-important Owner and Vehicle Identification Plates. These last two items would later become known as the "Protect-O-Plate." The Vehicle Information Plate was provided in the booklet at the time of delivery. The Owner Information Plate was mailed to the customer from the factory after delivery and was attached by the customer (or the dealer) to a gummed area in the back of the booklet, directly above the Vehicle Information Plate. These plates would be used in the event that warranty service was required. They were metal (in later years they would be made from plastic Address-o-graph tape), and would be run through a machine that would imprint the information from the plates on a repair order, similar to those old, manual credit card machines. There was a special pocket on the back of the glove box door where the booklet was to be stored.

Many of these booklet have become disassociated from their vehicles over they years. A few owners are fortunate to have the booklet that belongs with their car. This booklet provides to them important information about the original owner and original selling dealer of their car.

But what about all of those codes? What do they mean? Below are examples of '62 Oldsmobile Owner and Vehicle Identification Plates, provided by Chuck Tuma of Wheaton, Illinois. Chuck's father purchased a new '62 Dynamic 88 Holiday coupe, and Chuck still has the Owner Protection Plan booklet for it. The plates were stamped backwards, so that the imprint would come out properly. Chuck scanned his plates and flipped the image to make it readable. The characters below appear recessed. They are, in fact, stamped from the back.

In the above example, on the top plate, on the left side, we have the original owner's name and address. On the right side, we have the original selling dealer's Oldsmobile zone and dealer code - in this case 10 504. 10 being the zone, 504 being the dealer number. The symbol after the 504 is the Rocket shield symbol that Olds was using from '59 to '61. Below the dealer code we have the original delivery date (in service date if the vehicle would have been a demonstrator). Below that we have the vehicle's serial number (they didn't call them VINs back in '62).

On the lower plate, on the left side, first we have the engine number - F526287 (the standard 88 2-bbl engine). Below that was have the transmission number - OC62-27921. Below that we have the vehicle model number - 3247 (Dynamic 88 Holiday coupe), paint code - LLL (Garnet Mist upper and lower with Garnet Mist wheels), and the trim code - 925 (Garnet all-morocceen trim). On the right side, we have the vehicle's serial number. Below that we have the Fisher Body number - LA-10001 (the 10001st Dynamic 88 Holiday coupe body built at Lansing). Below that we have the Owner Protection Plan booklet number - 576539. At this time we do not know the significance of the alpha suffix to the booklet number. This number was apparently used to make sure that the warranty voucher, which would have needed to have been attached to the repair order, was in fact valid for the vehicle in question.