You're probably wondering - "What is a Monroney Sticker?" A Monroney Sticker is more commonly referred to as a window sticker. You know, the thing that gives you a shock when you go new car shopping. According to the Federal Monroney Act of 1958, all new cars must have a Monroney Sticker attached to a side or front window. This sticker must contain, among other things, the vehicle's make and model, the final assembly point, its destination, the manufacturer's suggested retail price for the vehicle, and the manufacturer's suggested retail price for each accessory or item of optional equipment. The Monroney Sticker is named for Senator Mike Monroney of Oklahoma who is responsible for the legislation relating to these stickers.

If you own a '62 Oldsmobile, you might be interested in what window stickers looked like back then and how the options were displayed. Below is an example of a '62 Oldsmobile window sticker, provided by Mark LeCain of Tallahassee, Florida. Reproduction window stickers are available from vendors listed on the home page of this site.