The 1962 Oldsmobiles were available
in the 16 Magic-Mirror finishes shown below:

Below is a Recommended Trim Combinations Chart from April, 1962. It shows recommended two tone combinations, recommended interior and paint combinations, and recommended wheel disc and paint combinations. Of course, is a customer had a hefty deposit, anything was available!

Oldsmobile changed their color palette a number of times for 1962:

In early August, 1961, Chariot Red was available as an exterior and wheel disc color. Royal Mist was not originally offered. Look carefully at the undated color chip folder above. Notice how the color chips on the upper half have their color code and name printed below them, while the color chips on the lower half have their color code and name printed above them. This is not how the folder was originally printed. It appears to have been a last minute change. All of the chips originally had their code and name printed below them. The chips on the lower half are covering the original printing, which shows that Chariot Red was to be an available color instead of Royal Mist. There is also an early, undated Trim Combination chart showing Chariot Red (code V), but not Royal Mist (code N). Additionally, there is an early dealer memo, dated August 11th, advising dealers wishing to order Chariot Red wheel covers to print "RED" in the wheel section of the order form and check the X-2 option.

How quickly things changed. On August 16th, a memo was issued to dealers announcing that Chariot Red had been deleted, and that a new color, Royal Mist,"a deeper red than Garnet Mist", was now available as an exterior and wheel disc color. The zone offices returned all open orders for Chariot Red cars to dealers for re-ordering, hopefully in the newly available Royal Mist. Orders for Chariot Red already released for production at the plants were automatically changed to Garnet Mist, according to a memo dated August 17th. A new, undated Trim Combination chart was issued.

Another memo was issued to dealer on September 18th. It advised that Royal Mist was no longer being offered as a wheel disc color (so Royal Mist wheel discs were only available for a month!). The memo stated that Garnet Mist would be substituted on orders in production, and should be chosen for future orders. Dealers were advised to make notations to their Trim Combination charts and that the next reprint would reflect this change.

We have no memo of the notification of Chariot Red replacing Heather Mist (althought we do have an Oldsmobile supplied Trim Combination chart that looks like it might have been attached to a memo), but this apparently took place in late October or early November. We do have a Ditzler Paint bulletin, dated October 27th, showing Heather Mist (code B) as being discontinued, and Chariot Red (code V) as an additional color. We also have a "2nd revision" Trim Combination chart, dated October, 1961 showing this change (as well as the previously promised Royal Mist wheel cover change). At this time, Chariot Red color chips were sent to dealers for insertion into their Color and Fabric Selectors. Some dealers removed their Heather Mist color chips. Anyone with an Oldsmobile bulletin reflecting this Heather Mist to Chariot Red change is asked to step forward by contacting us here.

A color change was made one last time. A bulletin dated November, 29th reads, "Due to continued requests for the exterior color Heather Mist which was replaced by Chariot Red a few weeks ago, Oldsmobile is reinstating this color effective immediately." Due to continued requests? When was the last time you saw a Heather Mist '62 Olds? A "3rd revision" Trim Combination chart, dated January, 1962 reflected this change, as well as a change from code 335 to code 355 for the Red Super 88 Holiday interior trim.

A final, April 1962 printing was made of the Trim Combination chart. This final printing reflected all of the above changes, showing Heather Mist, Royal Mist (but not as a disc color) and Chariot Red as available. The reason for this last printing of the chart was the announcement of the new Jetfire.


Ebony Black

Heather Mist

Provincial White

Sheffield Mist

Wedgewood Mist

Cirrus Blue

Willow Mist

Surf Green

Garnet Mist

Cameo Cream

Royal Mist

Pacific Mist

Sand Beige

Sahara Mist

Sunset Mist

Chariot Red