Steve & Sharon Williams, of Mountain Home, Arkansas, are the owners of this Garnet Mist '62 F-85 Cutlass convertible. Steve reports that the car has been in his family since it was about a year old. It was built the last week of November, 1961 and sold new to Jack Rutherford by Mars Oldsmobile in Chicago, shortly before Christmas. Steve's dad purchased it about a year later from another dealer. It stayed in Chicago until 1965, when it was taken to Northern California. Steve's parents shipped it to him in Arkansas on New Years 2009. It has travelled roughly 260,000 miles. The aluminum engine overheated in the '70s and was replaced. The interior has been restored, but the paint is all original. The convertible top has been replaced twice. The black and white picture is Steve on his 16th birthday in March of 1963. His parents allowed him to take the car out for the day.