Mike Cibulas of North Canton, Ohio is the owner of this Ebony Black '62 Starfire Coupe. He's owned it since 1996. It was originally a California car. Mike's early childhood memories include his Dad's Willow Mist '62 Starfire Coupe (a color not often seen on Starfires), purchased used in August of '63 (VIN #626M06848 - if you happen to know of it's whereabouts, please contact Mike). Photos are courtesy of Mike and were shot at the 1999 National Antique Oldsmobile Club National Meet held at Oglebay Park, Wheeling, West Virginia. Mike has the distinct honor of being our first Rocket Circle member.

Update, 7-29-00: Mike's Starfire Coupe took Best of Class honors at the 2000 Oldsmobile Club of America National Meet in Parsippany, New Jersey. Mike's Starfire scored 980 points and has now been moved up to the Senior Class. Congratulations, Mike!