The Seville

With the Cotner-Bevington Seville you have the perfect blending of beautiful styling and practical economy. A truly professional car from bumper to bumper because it is built with the same pride of distinguished craftsmanship that identifies all Cotner-Bevington coaches. This practical combination of C/B design and the Oldsmobile chassis will give you more and better trouble-free service than any other compact funeral coach on the market.

Standard Features:

Combination                  Ambulance              Hearse & Service Car

Rocket Engine                                         Rocket Engine                             Rocket Engine
Synchromesh Transmission               Synchromesh Transmission   Synchromesh Transmission
Back Up Lights                                        Back Up Lights                           Back Up Lights
Two Speed Wipers                                 Two Speed Wipers                     Two Speed Wipers
Windshield Washers                              Windshield Washers                 Windshield Washers
Deluxe Steering Wheel                          Deluxe Steering Wheel              Deluxe Steering Wheel
Heater & Defroster in Front                  Heater & Defroster in Front      Heater & Defroster in Front
9.50 x 14 Black Tires                               9.50 x 14 Black Tire                    9.50 x 14 Black Tires
Two Dome Lights                                    Two Dome Lights                       Two Dome Lights
Draperies on All Rear Windows          Draperies or Roller Shades      Draperies on All Rear Windows
Removable Casket Rack                       Removable Cot Fastener          Rollers in Floor or
Removable Cot Fastener                      One Attendent Seat                     Removable Casket Rack
One Attendent Seat                                Two Name Plates                         Two Name Plates
Two Name Plates                                    Linen Compartment
Linen Compartment                               WL Siren or 17 Beacon Ray
                                                                     Built In Lights on Front
                                                                     Marker Lights on Rear
                                                                     Ambulance Design on
                                                                     Quarter Glass


Engine Specifications:

Type -- Ultra-High-Compression V-8
Horsepower -- 280 @ 4400 R.P.M.
Torque -- 430 lb.-ft. @ 2400 R.P.M.
Displacement -- 394 cubic inches
Bore -- 4 1/8"
Stroke -- 3 11/16"
Compression Ratio -- 10.25 to 1
Fuel -- Premium
Carburetion -- Econ-O-Way 2-Barrel
Valve Lifters - Hydraulic